Monday, June 7, 2010


Today I spent THREE HOURS correcting the botched bleach job a fifteen-year-old girl did on herself last night. My niece had a similar situation last summer and it cost her $165 at Dillards to get it fixed. This chick paid $51 and left NO TIP. I am very saldy about it. Prior to the corrective color from hell, I did two color retouches, a cut and a shampoo and blow-out. And I only made $5 in tips all day. Seriously. That sad part is that every single client left looking great and very happy. But no tips.

I think there are a lot of people, especially new clients who don't know that can recieve tips. At the Aveda school they are not allowed to. We are.

Last Saturday I started saving all of mine in an envelope in my locker. When I get to $300 I'm going to buy myself a nice Coach bag.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just another day at the WHSB

It was a typical week...
On Tuesday, I decided to take my fifteen minute break outside. There's a small covered deck area in front of the school with a bench all around. I went to sit out there and check my email. There were four other students doing the same. As soon as I got seated, Rhonda approaches me with much glee, and told me I should watch a video she had on the phone she was holding in her hand. I asked "Is it a porno?" (I figured it was 'cause, well, Rhonda is kind of like that.) "Only a little" she said.
I think they like to see if they can freak me out. So far they haven't.
So Rhonda handed me the phone. And sure enough it was a home-made porno by Brian. Brian is an extremely handsome, young, gay, black man. He wants to move to LA and be a celebrity stylist. He definitely has the talent, the drive and the personality. So anyway, I'm watching this video and as with most of the crazy out-of-the-box crap, I watched for a few minutes with what I hoped looked like a detached academic intensity. I smiled, handed the phone back to Rhonda and said "impressive." They all went weak (see "Word of the Day" in the side-bar at right). Once inside the girls couldn't wait to tell Brian that I had seen the video.
NO! OMG..." said Brain. Then blushing he turned to look at me from three stations away. "Don't worry about it," I said -- "but I must tell you, that was very impressive and I'm sure you could teach these girls a few things." Brian smiled and said "I know that's right."
Prior to this little event, Brian wouldn't give me the time of day, now he smiles, says "Hello," and is friendly as could be.

On Wednesday I was rolling up a perm on a mannequin head for the 110th time, when Dina looked at me to get my attention from across her station and asked "Mz Cynthia, are mermaids real?" I looked over at her and Dominique (with whom she had obviously been discussing this) and said, "What?"
"Are mermaids real?"
"Are you kidding me? You want to know if there are actually mermaids? Like women on the top, fish on the bottom? Like in The Little Mermaid?"
"Yeah, do you know if they real?"
"Yes, I do know, and No they are not real. It's just a myth."
"You sure?"
"Yes, I am sure." By this time I am giggling quite a bit. Dina and Dominique are too, but I can tell they really are serious. Then I tell them "There is a sea animal called a manatee that a long, long time ago sailors would see off in the distance; and because they have breasts they thought they were women. At least women on the top, fish on the bottom. That's how the myth got started. They have manatees at the zoo. You can go see them."
"Well thank you for that Mz Cynthia."

On Thursday I posted 903 hours. Half way, plus three. I took the 900 hour written exam and got a 98. I got a 98, and not 100, because I didn't know the difference between collagen and elastin. But I do know that Mermaids aren't real.