Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tips again

I just have to share this picture -- of a little old lady who lined up the change, that was my tip, on my station. Really? Really!

Kind of reminds me of the (first) year we got crappy bonuses at Grey. Of course in advertising the bonuses where never more than a few thousand dollars; nothing like banking or law. But back in the day it had been enough to cover the Christmas bills and pay for Summer camp. Then came the year when that afternoon as I was leaving the building I passed my copywriter who said "did you get your bonus?" I said "yes, I'm going right now to spend the whole thing on a pair of leather gloves at Saks." She replied "I just spent my on a haircut."

I shopped at Saks. We got our haircut at Bumble + Bumble. I honestly don't miss it at all. But $1.50 laid out out in change on my station. Are you kidding me Lady?! Next time I'm gonna jack her hair up good.


Rena said...

Just catching up on your blog. HYSTERICAL -- who is this lady?! I will hunt her down and get her! Ah the days of shopping at saks - burger heaven and chin chin for lunch. xox

AdMom24 said...

This tip thing is the problem with working in a student salon. Today a woman came in to get foil highlights for her TWELVE YEAR OLD. It cost $62 (would have been $120 in a "real" salon). Her tip? $1.00. ONE DOLLAR! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? At least when they don't tip at all you think to yourself "well they think we can't take tips." Some of the schools don't.