Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bizzaro World

I had to leave school half an hour early today to attend a meeting of the second grade religious education teachers. The agenda focussed on the First Communion ceremony, but also included a few of the activities that will lead up to the sacrament.

At 2:25 I was on my iPhone looking up a hair-cut from the Tyler Perry Movie "I Can Be Bad All By Myself," so I could show the two girls doing cuts what it was that their "clients" wanted. Once I got the trailer going, Ruby yelled from across the room "Show me Miss Cynthia." I said "you've gotta come over here if you want to see it, I have to leave in a minute." She wouldn't walk over, so I went to her.

Ruby is really nuts. One time I was standing next to her, rolling up a perm on a mannequin head, and she just turns to me and asks "Miss Cynthia, you ever have your clitoris pierced?" I did quite the double-take (as you can imagine) and burst out laughing. She says "really, I want to know, 'cause you know I ain't never known anyone like you before."

Seriously, I cannot make this stuff up.

So one minute I'm talking with the ladies (after having completed my thermal curl check-out) and then I leave to go to my meeting. I drive three minutes down the street. It's about a quarter of a mile to the church, down the SAME STREET. There I was, not five minutes after talking to Ruby, sitting at a table with a bunch of second grade teachers (one of whom was wearing a sweat shirt with teddy-bear appliques), the choir director and the director of religious education. The priest couldn't make it. I had as much fun at that meeting as I did at Beauty School today.

I love both these worlds. I love the people in them. I feel like an anthropologist. I wonder how people from one world would fare in the other. I don't think it would be good. But I love it. It makes me happy.

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Lyndsey said...

I once went with a friend to a tattoo/piercing shop because she wanted some bling "down there." Made me hurt just watching! I will say this, it was really, really pretty. That's the only word to describe it! hahahahaha