Monday, January 4, 2010

Give the Client What They Want

I got to do a lot of hair over my Christmas break. Color on five different heads, and cuts on three. In only one case did I execute my recommendation. This is because I have one niece that likes to wear her hair the same color blue as the strip at the top of this page, another who picked out a blondish red (too light for her), and another with beautiful, long, thick, Asian hair that wanted dark red highlights. Then there's the best friend who favors hot, firey reds with a short, spikey cut. I tried talking them all into something a little more conservative, more natural. But they wouldn't listen. So I went with it. And it worked out -- Blue Hair loves her look (although I think her Mom is mad at me), Red is delighted, Red Highlights on the black are actually kind of cute; but Blond-Red is getting a correction tomorrow after school (I told you so.) But still, a thank you to my GodSon Noah for letting me do what I wanted -- a cut and some highlights (he's man enough). He is adorable as always and his cut and color suit him. Everyone has such strong opinions about their hair. Like their commercials and marketing plans. You listen to your client, but then your client also has to contend with parents, or a boyfriend, or an employer (in the case of fantasy blue), a husband -- so many people have opinions about hair other than their own. Listen to your stylist and tell everyone else to worry about their own hair.

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