Thursday, April 15, 2010

Beauty School Hair Part 2

I wanted my gray streak to make me cool and edgy. Like Stacey London, Sharon Stone, Emmylou Harris, Jamie Lee Curtis or Meryl Streep. What I got was a swatch of light yellow, very damaged hair. At least what was left of my hair was very damaged. I decide to "fix it" myself with Pravana Color Silk. They make an intense silver and I thought that would do the trick. The instructions said to leave it on for 20 to 40 minutes. I left it on for forty. Because the hair was so damaged, it sucked up the tint, and the color of the product, leaving my streak with a blueish gray hue. Several people at school told me I should just go back to the original brown. I ignored it until Diva said "Miss Cynthia, that just ain't you. How can you have hair like that? I mean how are you going to go to the supermarket like that?"
"Supermarket! How can I go to church like this?! Diva you are totally right." I said. Sadly, I'm just too old and too upscale for crazy beauty school hair. So now I'm back to my original color. (Sigh)

My marketing head needs to tell you that Pravana Color Silk is an excellent product for intense color -- I've use it often and if you've got the youth to carry it off, it's fabulous.


Anonymous said...

there is no way to make grey hair... you have to earn it :)

[OKAY BONES] said...

Well.. I like it. I have been online for hours now trying to figure out what to use, wella, fancifull, manic panic, ect. I just found pravana and was going to try a lilac then saw they actually have a silver. I then google image searched it and yours was a result.. it looks like it did the trick!