Thursday, October 22, 2009


Mr. Tim was talking about client loyalty and how word-of-mouth builds up your clientele. Exactly what EVERY marketer is trying to do with social media. It'll work for a hair stylist, but not for canned ravioli. Hear that canned ravioli? Any way, he was telling us a story about the time he gave a Delta flight attendant a very short hair cut. The cut was so flattering that many other flight attendants came to him -- after a while he had about six clients purposely scheduling lay-overs in Cincinnati (a former Delta Hub) just to get their hair cut by him. The students were impressed but skeptical. I mean really, who would travel like that... so far out of their way to get a hair cut?
Me, me, me! The year I lived in Mexico I came to NY twice to get my hair colored by Johanna at Bumble + Bumble! And even now whenever I go to NY I make sure to go to Bliss (at the W at Lex and 48th)for waxing.
Several times a day I'm just HIT, like a truck, with how different my life is....


Anonymous said...

Cynthina! I'm getting such a kick out of reading this!! Please keep it up! This is so exciting - you're living my dream well sort of - mine involves vet school. so glad you are happy and enjoying. xoxoxo

Michele Hush said...

First of all, there's a book in this. Not quite like Michael Gates Gill's book because his life was tragic pre-Starbucks. (Steve Novick introduced him to me when he was out of work and I got him a freelance gig or two, but not enough. It was sad.) Your book can be about purposefully and joyfully reinventing your life. I can't wait until you graduate and start writing about salon life.

Meanwhile, add an e-mail subscription button already!