Monday, October 19, 2009

Old Life

Cocktails at Skybar, riding a bike around Stanley Park in Vancouver, the amazing 5-star hotels, shooting on the beach in Malibu. Delta Gold Medallion. The thrill of seeing "my" ad on TV (or in print, OOH, the web). Working out a marketing plan, and seeing my strategic plans executed in award winning campaigns. The half hour I had to spend on the phone with a client at my son's first communion (and again at a friend's wedding) with a client who "had an idea." Not unlike Don Draper and Connie Hilton. The 26 hour return trip from Detroit to NY. Driving to Dayton in a terrible ice storm to make a flight (missed it). The disappointment of pitches not won; the euphoria of getting the assignment. The politics and power plays.

And now I set off into a completely different culture. Totally alien to me. Today is my first day of Beauty School...

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Anonymous said...

OLD life - stressful...made you cranky, and the money, no matter how much, was never good enough.

NEW life - your dream've been a hell of a lot happier and nicer since April 21st, IMHO. This is brave, and for all of this YOU ROCK!! I love you...GO FOR IT!!!