Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So Different

I'm a three minute drive from my house but it's like I flew twenty hours and landed in a completely different culture. It is SO interesting. I could have gone to the Aveda school -- with the other upscale college graduates. But the program is ridged and there is no part-time program. Then there was the Redken school; with a middle class/upper middle class student body. But they don't offer a part-time program or rolling admission. So I'm with the Sista's at Western Hills. The Administration are very flexible, and forgiving on attendance (in case I have interviews, networking events, etc); and the rolling admissions let me dive right in. Immediately I am actually getting to work on hair and can see that there's a lot to learn. Because of the flexible structure, students get a lot of individual attention. Which I desperately need. I'm doing great on the book learning; but when it comes to doing the hair I have NO IDEA. It's the opposite for the girls that started with me -- they've been doing hair since they could walk and are awesome at it. (But are nervous about the academics.)

Last night I got a email requesting an interview for an ad job. They want to see me Friday or Monday in Lousiville (main office). A friend recommended me for this position and they got all excited by me resume. The job description sounded like a good fit. I very conflicted --- thinking that after just two days I'd be a beauty school drop out. Even though I'd move to the part-time program if I were able to actually get another "big" job. When I read to the end of the two page job description and got to the salary range I discovered that the compensation is less than half of what I was making at my last "big" job. I still might go on the interview though; you never know.

Quote of the day (from yesterday): "When I was incarcerated I had braids, 'cause you can't keep no weave in there." I heard this as I was quietly working on my color wheel -- and I'm thinking "Did I hear that right?!"

Am working on getting RSS feed and twitter updates and will post more amazing/funny/interesting stuff. There is a TON of it. But wanted to get the background down today.

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Lyndsey said...

Weaves are the MOST interesting thing to me. My small town upbringing sheltered me from this complicated knowledge and I'm fascinated by the process of doing hair. Those Sistas will teach you great things!

Just don't be a beauty school dropout...