Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The predictability of life is beauty school is a pleasure. Every day I know what I'll be doing -- theory in the morning and practicals in the afternoon. I look forward to it and can plan for it. Like today. We're studying make-up -- every day, glamour and halloween. There will be a written test. There will be school-wide contest for Halloween make-up. I'm going to do a ghoul and a cat.

This is the TOTAL OPPOSITE of advertising where every day I would go in, mentally planning my day -- what I needed to do, what I wanted to do. Most days I'd write a list; jot down ideas. Then by 9:20 in the morning BAM!!!BAM!!!BAM!!! the day would be completely derailed by a client, or a new rfp, an agency principle, or a force of nature.

I realize now how incredibly stressful that was. I knew at the time... but being released from the constant stress of having no control over the day is truly liberating. I feel so happy.

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