Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Target

The last time I had any contact with elderly people was over twenty years ago when my parents were still alive. Now in the school salon, I'm getting to know about this new "target." I'm as fascinated by these women as I am by my much younger fellow students. Since we charge $7.50 for a wash and roller set we get a lot of seniors. I watch them and think "how old are they?" I really had no idea. But I know they're really, really old. Now I know that some of our regulars are well into their 90's.

A client I had last week came in again yesterday. She was having her hair done by another student and I went over to say "hello" when I finished my client's do. She told me that her children are trying to fix her up with a 89 year old man:

"Which is fine 'cause I'm 89 too. The told me that he was a WWII pilot and a professor at Miami University, and that 'he's so nice you'll really like him.' So I figure I'll go to lunch. I like going out to lunch and maybe I will like him. But he better not try to get into my pants, 'cause all he'd find in there is a big old maxi pad!"

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Julie b Cosgrove said...

where did you find this illustration of the elderly ladies? My publisher may be interested in using it in my new cozy mystery series. Do you know how to reach the artist?