Sunday, November 15, 2009

Christmas in July

I walked into Target two weeks ago, and was instantly surrounded by Christmas. And I was happy. I embraced it. Even though it was the day after Halloween I loved seeing the Christmas decorations. For the past few years I've been very "bah-humbug" about the season. At least until a week or two into Advent. I threaten to get one of those little table-top trees -- AND THAT'S IT, DAMN IT! I haven't of course, but I've wanted to. I was trying to figure out why this year I feel so different. As soon as I got home from Target I wanted to put lights up every where. I relized it's because since 2002 I've worked on retail accounts; I'd have to start thinking about Christmas ("the Holidays) in July. It'd be 100 degrees out but I'd be writing holiday marketing plans -- what would we do for Black Friday, for the 23rd and 24th -- what great deals could we offer -- what would the door breakers be? If I started much after July 4th we'd be sunk. Then in August or September we'd be shooting -- making snow in Los Angles. Santa would be there... Then we'd donate a all the props to Habitat for Humanity -- and even that was Christmas-y. Then as the holiday actually did get closer, the tension would build until Black Friday where you'd just hold your breath to see the sales results on Monday. If they were good, you could relax a bit and enjoy the holiday; if they were bad, you'd be fucked and might loose the business. ... and your job......

Now I love Christmas... can't wait to get started..... after thanksgiving, like a NORMAL person.

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