Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Don't be hatin' on my school

Twice in the last few days I've had people hatin' on my school and that's not cool. First a friend made a really racist remark (which I can't repeat) and told me that I could transfer to the Redken school because they are starting a new part-time program. Then, at the professional beauty supply store where I have to show my student ID and transcript in order to make a purchase, the sales woman (to whom I of course started telling my whole story the minute I walked in and she started following me around) was all "wow, you probably have the best grades and attendance record at that school. You know, they have people there that are in women's correctional facilitates. They just let them out to go to school." I had to sort of agree with her. But then she went on to tell me how she went to the "best beauty school in the state -- International in Colerain." And how a "person like you would be much better off there." OH REALLY?! I wanted to say to that self satisfied snob.. "well -- maybe that's true but I have DEGREES FROM SOME OF THE BEST SCHOOLS IN THE Freakin' COUNTRY. And I think Western Hills School of Beauty rocks! There are some very, very strong teachers there. One (at least) who could go up against anyone I had at Horace Mann, Hamilton College or COLUMBIA-FREAKIN'-UNIVERSITY. The Ivy League? Heard of it? No? I didn't think so! (Who's the self satisfied snob now? Ooopps.)
Western Hills rocks because the teaching is good, there's lot of individual attention and because in practice, everyone actually has an individualized curriculum and pace. Do you already know how to do roller sets and fingerwaves, but want to work on foils? You can, and you do. You start doing practicals your very first day.

Surprisingly, it is at the Western Hills Beauty School that I have discovered that I was never taught exactly how to study. I was just always in the "smart class," then the "honors program." By the time I got to prep school I guess they assumed that everyone just knew how to study. I've got say I did struggle. And now I see that I really could have done SO MUCH better. Maybe would have gone to medical school after all. Did you know that if you read the review questions BEFORE you read the chapter you'll retain the material (almost as if by magic). (Granted this material is pretty simple -- although there is a lot of anatomy and physiology.) And if you write out the study guide.... you know it. These "tricks" really work. When I mentioned this to my rocket scientist (literally) husband he told me "yeah, I didn't know that either. And then when I got to Michigan and they told me I didn't believe it and blew it off. Once I started doing it (studying the right way), I got really good grades. I should have been doing it all along."


Hung in Mpls said...
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HartmanJon said...

If I haven't told you lately, I adore you!

I love that you're in cosmetology school, I love that you're blogging about it, and I love that you're admittedly finally following your bliss.

And of course I love that our paths continue to meander along in unison.

Speaking of which, your very mention of studying gave me chills. It's been 20 years - and I coasted right through back then too. Review questions - yeah, that's a phrase I kinda understand. But study guide? No idea, much less how one would go about writing one out. Help a fellow student out?

AdMom24 said...

You're not going to want to do it -- but one of the secrets is to WRITE THE INFORMATION OUT LONGHAND. Now I'd imagine that the course of study you'll be pursuing will not involve much memorization of facts or formula's. Won't it be mostly essay/blue book type exams and papers. do they still have blue books? probably not. Also, it's totally cool to ask the teacher (in your case professor) what the test questions will be. No kidding! (I've done a little research on this.) The teachers/professors want you to succeed, they're not trying to trick you. Who knew?