Friday, November 13, 2009

....One is silver and the other gold

When you go to a new place, you make new friends. A new job, a new city -- a new school. You gravitate to the people who are like you; the one's with whom you share similar world-views, experiences, senses of humor; that sort of thing. There's an excitement to a new friendship as you share stories and pieces of your life with each other. One of my new friends is Asia. She's smart and funny and a bit cynical -- just how I like my friends. We started school the same day.
Yesterday I gave Asia a ride to her second bus stop. It's near my house and I noticed she was kind of tired and out of it all day, so I offered her a ride. I would have taken her all the way to the place she stayin, but she said the bus stop would be fine. Before beauty school Asia was away. (see yesterday's vocab word) Now she's in a Talbert House program where she has another 118 days to go before she's able to go home in January. But she'll only be allowed to leave her house to go to school. She'll have to wear an ankle monitor. She's pretty transparent about all this. So I was askin her all about Talbert House and how it work. So she's tellin me about it and it sounds REALLY horrible. I wanted to share something but, all I could think of was when we were shooting the Kmart Christmas commercials in LA with Martha Stewart and she was about to go away and really scared about it. Then when she came home, she had to wear an ankle bracelet too. But I can't say to Asia, "Oh yeah when I had dinner with Martha she talked bout being away and then having to wear an ankle bracelet..."


Heather said...

that's funny - you don't think asia will identify with martha???

HartmanJon said...

I have some experience being "away" and then living in an, ahem, halfway house before being released back into the general population. You have carte blanche to talk about my drama - god knows I've gotten mileage out of it!

AdMom24 said...

Dude, I had NO IDEA you'd been away. And I always pictured your treatment program as something like Betty Ford -- with only one roommate; and sure you have to clean the toilets but the food is good and everyone had means -- kind of like summer camp. At Asia's place she bunks barracks style with 23 other women. The lack of privacy alone would drive me to be a crack-head. You gotta be really strong and focused to survive all that. Kudos to you my friend. Honestly when I'm on my third glass of Merlot and third slice of pizza I think of you and "how the hell does he do it?" I guess the difference is that I don't go for the fourth (most of the time) -- now there's an addict talking. Like I know I can't smoke cigarettes, because if it's one, it's a carton. I can't control it. But wine and pizza (or any cheese at all ...or pasta...) that's a problem.