Thursday, November 12, 2009


Yesterday we began learning how to give facials. I was like all "ick! I don't want to do that, I want to do hair." But once I got into it it's actually one of those experiences that really surprised me. It's very relaxing, giving a facial. I sort of got that hypontized feeling myself. It would have been even more relaxing had I not been trying to memorize all the latin names for every part of the face. You know that indent below your nose for which people say there's no word? There is. It's pepressor septi (two words actually).

Of course the facial thing lead me back to old life thinking and how when I was in high school a friend introduced me to the Georgette Klinger facial. I remember at the time it cost $75. The same as a pair of Fry boots. It was awesome. Such a luxurious experience. You'd come out all raw and blotchy and then 48 hours later you'd have clear, beautiful, perfect skin. Of course the products we use in school are crap. Every time we do facials someone has an allergic reaction. So I asked if I could bring in my own product (no way am I putting that stuff on my face). When I got home I went to the Georgette Klinger web-site hoping to buy some of those amazing products from years ago. I was disappointed to learn that the business had been sold (name retained though) and now they use all Aveda products. So then I started searching the Sephora site... If anyone has any tips on products for sensitive skin, let me know.


Rena said...

sensitive skin - I am the queen of it!
Spa Stuff: Phytomer all really good stuff.
Aveda sensitive skin line is also really good.

Drugstore Stuff: Purpose face wash and Neutrogena Sensitive skin

Does that help?

Lyndsey said...

That's what she said?